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JETCOAT High Gloss Sealer
Advanced Water-Based Acrylic Emulsion Sealer

  • Dries to a Clear Glossy Finish
  • Interior/Exterior
  • 100% Acrylic Formula
  • Fast Drying
  • Durable Lasting Finish

Sizes Available:
4.75 Gallon pail
.9 gallon Pail

130 to 170 square feet per gallon per coat

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An advanced water-based acrylic clear sealer that provides a high gloss protective and durable finish to paving stone and exposed aggregate surfaces.

Paving Stone, Decorative Stone, and Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Clean Surface - Sweep all dirt and loose debris from surface. Remove all oil, grease and foreign materials. Surface must be completely dry before applying High Gloss Sealer.

Applying High Gloss Sealer - Stir pail thoroughly. Apply thin even coats of sealer with a roller. Additional coats may be applied to achieve desired level of gloss and finish. Allow material to dry thoroughly between coats.

This product does not contain any California Proposition 65 Chemicals.

Squeegee Application

Provides a high gloss protective and durable finish.

Item Number
Unit Size Unit Weight Pack Pack Weight
66815 4.75 gal. Pail 46 lbs.


46 lbs.
66811 .9 gal. Pail 9 lbs.


55 lbs.

Tools Needed:

You May Also Need:
Push BroomHoseScrub Brush
Application Methods:
Paint BrushRollerSprayer
Concrete Patch
Concrete Cleaner
Concrete Bonding Agent and Fortifier

Home Owner - DIY



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