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All-Weather Roof Patch
Water Repellent Sealing Compound

  • Use on Wet or Dry Surfaces
  • Seals Leaks, Even in Rain
  • Trowel Grade
  • Dries Black

Sizes Available:
4.75 Gallon Pail
.9 Gallon Pail
.9 Quart Can
29 Oz. Tube
10 Oz. Tube

Coverage: (Approx.)
Approximately 12 square feet per gallon at 1/8 inch thick.
Approximately 3 square feet per quart at 1/8 inch thick.
One 10 ounce tube will fill approximately 17 lineal feet at 3/8 inch thick.
One 29 ounce tube will fill approximately 49 lineal feet at 3/8 inch bead.


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A thick blend of liquid asphalt and non-asbestos fibers specially designed as an adhesive, general utility sealing compound that imparts water-repellency to flashings, seams, or patches in roofs and gutters. The specially treated asphalt cement is excellent for all roof repair work on both wet or dry surfaces.

• Splits & Seams
• Flashings
• Vents
• Skylights
• Metal Joints
• Chimneys
• Coping

Clean surface with brush or broom, removing all loose sediment and dirt. Nail down any loose parts. Apply material with a mason’s trowel to about 1/8” thick, smoothing down all edges. Mend large cracks, breaks, or loose seams by applying cement to defective area. Extend cement to three inches beyond area to be repaired. Spot stick Reinforcing Fabric repair material in position over entire area and apply an additional layer of cement. Leaks around vent pipes, spouts, valleys, skylights, chimneys and flashings can be made weather tight by applying JETCOAT All-Weather Roof Patch. Clean tools with mineral spirits or kerosene in a well ventilated area immediately after use.

This product does not contain any California Proposition 65 Chemicals.

Squeegee Application

Squeegee Application

General utility sealing compound.

Item Number
Unit Size Unit Weight Pack Pack Weight
61715 4.75 gal. Pail 50 lbs.


50 lbs.
61711 .9 gal. Can 9.8 lbs.


60 lbs.
61714 .9 qt. Can 2.6 lbs. 12 33 lbs.
61718 29 oz. Tube 2 lbs. 12 25 lbs.
61719 10 oz. tube .85 lbs. 12 11 lbs.

Tools Needed:

You May Also Need:
HoseGlovesUtility Knife -

Home Owner - DIY



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